Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Elementary Wisdom (or lack thereof)

From a young age I can remember loving school. There was just something about learning that had me hooked. I was the so called 'keener' in school. The one that was always prepared, sitting at her desk, attentively waiting with her hands folded. No, I wasn't the most popular (frankly, I got picked on a lot) I was simply the apple polisher.

I can remember my parents always telling me that I needed to do good in school so that I could get a 'good job' and make 'good money'. I had no idea what this meant. All I knew is that I had to make the highest grades I could. It wasn't until grade five, when Career Day came along, that I started considering what I wanted to be. After considering all of the other high earning professions like being a doctor, a lawyer, and a veterinarian I somehow chose that teaching was what I wanted to do .

Career Day was a pivotal day for me. It got me thinking about my future and being proactive in planning for my dreams. It wasn't long afterwards that I started gathering my sister and step-sister together to play classroom. I can remember going to bed, laying on my side and using the wall that my bed was pushed up against as an imaginary chalk board. I would go over everything I learned that day as if I were teaching it to my own class. I dreamed about having my own students one day and what that would be like.

Fast forward through seven years of public school and a four year undergraduate degree. Unfortunately, becoming a teacher nowadays is not as glorious as it used to be (or at least seemed to a fifth grader at the time) but I can't help but not give up my dream of giving back what my teachers gave to me- an amazing education. That's why (although jobs are scarce here in Atlantic Canada for new teachers) I decided to just go for it and applied to complete my Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education. Yes, it's terrifying that there's a huge possibility I will graduate with two degrees and still not have a job. However, I simply refuse to live the rest of my life asking myself "what if" I had gone and done what I dreamed of doing my whole life?

Next month, I will begin the teaching internship that I've waited ten years to do. I've created this blog to document what I'm learning and share my experiences and resources with my readers.

Did you take a leap of faith in your career choices? How have things turned out for you?

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