Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ricki's Haul

I recently stopped by Ricki's after I realized that I didn't have much selection for professional attire. I'm so glad I did! My wallet on the other hand is still crying a little. 

From the start, I was greeted by a very friendly sales lady. From the moment I walked in the door to the time I actually made my purchases a few days later she provided me with exceptional service. She even went as far as writing me a list of all of the items I had tried on, with the size and prize so that I could go home and think about the investment I was about to make. I told her that I would be back that Friday to buy the items I was sure I wanted. Sure enough, when I arrived Friday morning she had all of the items, in the correct sizes and colours all waiting there for me ready to go. She was a super star and I was very happy to let her receive commission off of my purchases. 

Here are the pieces I decided on:

This lace peplum tank is SOOO comfortable! It feels like a normal tank but with the lace to dress things up a bit.

These jeggings are also so very comfortable (there's a pattern here. I was definitely going for style with comfort!) They're very versatile and can be worn in a professional setting or out on a friday night. 

Love the polka dots on this blouse! Although it's advertised as being worn one way, the sales lady told me that other customers were finding they liked to wear it backwards as well. So I gave it a try (see below) and loved it! It's also a very versatile piece that can be worn with a higher neckline in the classroom or a lower neckline for nights out on the town. 

Do I even need to say it anymore? This blazer is SOO comfortable. It moves WITH your body so when I raise my arms there isn't much stiffness. This is great for the classroom so that when I go to write on chart paper or on the board I won't feel constricted.

Can't say too much about these pants yet. I've only tried them on in the store. However, I made sure that they went along with the comfort theme that I had going on. 

Okay, yes. So maybe I loved this blazer so much that I had to buy it in two different colours. Don't judge me!

I can't say much about these dress pant either because I haven't worn them outside of the fitting room. The sales lady told me that they have waist tabs inside so I can loosen or tighten them depending on how they're fitting on a particular day. I don't know if I'll get any use out of that feature but we'll see!

I'd really like to go back for this shirt:

I really loved this shirt but unfortunately I had a budget in mind and had to leave it out for now. I'll be back for it though!

What has been your favorite purchase for work? 


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