Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Eleven Month Teaching Program

Well it looks like I'm gonna be one busy gal come next month. I guess I should have really seen it coming but it didn't really hit me until I received my class schedule for the next eleven months. I just assumed that I would be taking the same amount of courses that I did in my BA. Boys was I wrong! I'm officially taking eight courses per semester (seven if you don't count my internship). I'm definitely not complaining though. If you read my the post Elementary Wisdom (or lack thereof) you'll know that I've been waiting to do this since grade five!

The program at my university is a condensed eleven month (three semester) program that would typically take two years (or four semesters) to complete. I'll begin with two orientation days filled with guest speakers and faculty presentations. I then jump right into my practicum for two weeks. I really love that I get to meet the teacher I'll be doing my internship with (and working with all year) before the students arrive. I also really like that I'll be able to get a taste of what it's like to prep for a new school year. I know other programs in my area don't give interns this option. 

After that, I'm in the classroom with the students every Monday. I'll be attending classes on campus Tuesday to Friday. My practicum also has two blocks of straight hands on experience in the classroom. The first block is before Christmas break (arn't I lucky? haha) where I'll be in the classroom for two weeks straight. The same thing will happen in April and May except I'll be in the classroom for nine weeks instead. 

My first semester consists of:
  • Teaching Math in Elementary School
  • Literacy Learning in Early Years
  • Music for the Classroom Teacher (this will be a fun one! I'm don't have a musical bone in my body!)
  • Teaching & Learning Theories
  • Inclusionary Practices
  • History and Philosophy in Education
  • Curriculum and Evaluations in the Early Years
  • Practicum (every Monday)
I'm definitely going to need a good planner for this coming year! That's why I'm officially ordering the Erin Condren Life Planner this weekend. Make sure to check out my post on her teacher planners too! 

How did you make it through your program? How was your teaching program set up? I'd love to hear your experiences! 

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