Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Tree Art

I'm officially through my first semester of my three part Education degree. I have learned so much more than I ever thought I would and have memories that will last a lifetime. I hope the next two semesters are JUST as fantastic! 

Here's a Christmas art project that our class did yesterday. It was inspired from a picture on Pinterest (sorry the link didn't work so I can't share it with you all)

Here is what we did: 

1: We invited two students at a time to come to our work table during Daily 5, to quickly paint two sheets of white paper. One sheet was painted blue and one sheet was painted green, with water-colour paint. 

2: During writing, once the two sheets of paper had dried, the students were invited in two's back to the work table to paint snow/snowflakes on the blue sheet of paper. The sheets were then put on the drying rack until our scheduled art time. 

3: During art class we asked students to tear the green paper into strips. A demonstration was given so that they wouldn't tear the paper into tiny bits of paper. 

4: They then were to place the widest strip of green at the bottom of the page and the smallest piece at top, leaving room for a star on top and a trunk at the bottom. Once, they did this we gave them the go ahead to begin glueing. 

5: We then passed around dixie cups with 'ornament' in them. These ornaments were from old wrapping paper we had lying around that were whole punched into circles. The students then could decorate their trees however they wanted.

6: They were then allowed to cut out brown construction paper for their tree trunk and squares (out of the left over wrapping paper) for presents under the tree.

7: The last touch was the star at the top. This was done by drawing a star with liquid glue and then dumping sparkles on top (done by the adults so the custodian didn't hate us at the end of the day ;P)

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